Our journey so far

Before we met each other, we had both longed to take time out from our usual routine – work, sleep, repeat (with the odd party and a holiday here and there) – and travel.  And both wanted to do South & Central America.  As usual, life took over.

After meeting around 4 years ago (becoming boyfriends about a year later), as we get to know each other we quickly realized we both had the same dream.

We often talked about it for a long time, although still had things going on that we let block us taking it any further.  After a lot of back and forth we set ourselves a deadline of end 2018 to just do it!

For the past 12 months we have been planning and saving, quit our jobs, and just to keep things interesting (read: insanely hectic), decided to also sell up our apartments in Amsterdam and get married.  Basically, all the major life changes people do one at a time – all in one go!  We like to make things easy for ourselves, obviously.

So, we start our trip together as homeless husbands (although we prefer nomadic husbands). And despite what many people say – this is not just an extended honeymoon…. We have been using the term ‘sabbatical’ although we are not 100% sure exactly what it is, what it will bring, what we want from it.  We just know we want to do it.

12 months.  Exploring almost all countries in South & Central America.  Rio to Mexico City, and all in between.  Stepping into married life in the most uncertain way possible.  We can’t wait!!

Feel free to follow us to see what awaits…

Carl & Jeroen (the Brugman-Smiths)


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