Paraty, Brazil

City stats:

  • Population: 35.7k
  • Area: 928km2
  • Elevation: 5m
  • Average temperature: 30C

Get Us to the Beach!

After a few weeks of bigger cities and quite a bit of hit and miss with the weather, we decided to cut out some of our planned stops along the way and head straight for Paraty to get a good dose of sunshine, beach and relaxation in a smaller place.

On all fronts, Paraty did not disappoint. Thankfully! We’d have been very sad otherwise, as it took a very uncomfortable 17 hour bus journey to get there; involving two opposite ends of the scale; a crazy bus driver who thought he was taking part in a Formula 1 race and super-laid back bus driver who didn’t know what traveling above 30 KPH was!

The weather in Paraty was on point. Mainly sun and around 30C most days. Perfect for spending a few days around the pool, as we did (this time having decided to splash out on a bigger room in a resort with pool, sauna, etc.) Carl even managed to get the start of a decent tan (Jeroen of course was dark within minutes of even looking towards the sun!)

The beaches were out of this world. Not so much the beaches near the old town, but the five remote (island) beaches we went to by boat. There was one beach in particular (Praia de Itamambuca) that took our breath away. Nestled in a small bay with golden sands, blue waters, hardly anything (or anybody) else there except a single small beach bar (which of course we had a couple of beers at). It was total paradise! The kind of place you could consider not returning from.


Click on the pictures to enlarge

Paraty town itself (more specifically, the Old Town) was another colorful colonial town with beautiful buildings (similar to Ouro Preto). But that’s where the similarities stopped for us. Ouro Preto was nestled up in the mountains, with steep streets, a bit rough around the edges. By contrast, Paraty (particularly the old town) was flatter (thankfully!) and chicer, with a much more relaxed holiday vibe (filled with street vendors, cafés, bars, restaurants, terraces and music in the streets). We spent 4 wonderful days and nights slowly wandering the streets exploring the cafes (of particular note – Montanita Café, where we became regulars drinking some of the best coffee we have tasted), bars and restaurants with no rush to get anywhere fast – perfect!

Click on the pictures to enlarge

It’s safe to say Paraty gave us exactly the rest & relaxation we were looking for. It’s a good job too… our next stop will probably not be as accommodating – the biggest city in South America – São Paulo.

For more pictures check our Instagram page 2minionsontour

Big kiss!

Carl & Jeroen


Travel stats

  • Countries visited: 1
  • Cities visited: 6
  • Distance travelled: 13,082 km
  • Modes of transport:
    • Plane (3)
    • Nightbus (2)
    • Daybus (2)



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