Buenos Aires, Argentina

City stats

Population: 2.89m
Area: 4758 km2
Elevation: 25m
Average temperature: 24C

The city that stole (a part of) our heart

We arrived in Buenos Aires (Bs. As./ BA/ Baires), having decided to skip Paraguay this time round; partly because we wanted to get into Spanish lessons ASAP, partly because we weren’t sure Paraguay would be worth the travel for only 5 days as we’d planned and partly (read: mostly) because it was just in time for Buenos Aires Gay Pride.

Pretty much from day 1 we both fell in love with the city (Jeroen for the second time, seeing as he’d visited it 8 years ago already). So much so, we decided to stay much longer than originally planned.

When people along the way have asked why we loved it so much, we can’t name just one thing in isolation.  There were lots of things that added up for us.

1.How friendly and relaxed the people were. We met amazing local people there, with a couple of people in particular (Diego and Barbara (our Spanish teacher)) making our stay in the city a great one!

2. How vibrant the city was. From the street art around every corner, to the hipster feel of a lot of places, as well as the many terraces and squares filled with people enjoying themselves throughout the day (especially around the San Telmo, Recoleta and Palermo areas).

3. How green the city was. The tree-lined neighborhoods and city parks made Beunos Aires a beautiful city to walk around, which as many of you will know, we love to do. (Speaking of which, we think we might’ve found a type of walking we love even more – dog walking!  We know in the last blog we said we might become professional beach bums.  Well, we’re now thinking professional dog walkers.  It’s a thing there!)

4. The number of great food spots. Whatever we wanted to eat, we found it easily all over the city.  Some favorites included Bar El Federal for Argentenian steak, Mezcal in Palermo Soho for Mexican, Pizza at Guerrin, and Nino Gordo in Palermo Soho, which had Asian fusion food to die for.  Not forgetting anything with dulche de leche for Jeroen!

5. The diversity of nightlife (and gay scene). Whether we just wanted somewhere low key for a couple of beers, a bit more classy for cocktails and wine, mainstream for a bit of music, or more underground techno and queer parties; the city has it all. We were lucky enough to have Diego show us most of these (taking us to a cool Speakeasy bar which we can’t publish the name of, a techno party in Micro Centre, which we can’t remember the name of and a drag bingo night all in the space of a couple of days).

6. Last but by no means least – how open we felt we could be in there. Nothing demonstrated this more to us than when we first arrived for Pride. It was a totally different Pride event to what we see in Europe (much more political, and clearly illustrating that there is still work to be done for LGBT here).  And we know there will be places we didn’t see which challenge our perception.  But overall, even with this, we still had a sense that people could be themselves there.  It reminded us of home in Amsterdam in this respect.


Now, there were still a few things that we couldn’t quite get used to in the city.  To name a few; late morning starts and late night finishes (although we’re sure we could quite quickly get used to that); crazy rules as to how and when you can cross at zebra crossings; how the entire city closes down when big football matches are on (no taxis or anything); banks running out of money and having to check the ‘blue’ market for best exchange rates on the Dollar as the banks charge so much for taking money out.

But overall, it was the first place in the 1.5 months we’d been traveling that we felt we lived in for that couple of weeks (not just being tourists). As a result, there’s a pretty good chance we’ll come back to Buenos Aires to stay for a while longer towards the end of the trip to experience it a bit more.

See you again soon Baires!



More pictures can be found on our instagrampage: 2minionsontour

Travel stats

  • Countries visited: 3
  • Cities visited: 12
  • Distance travelled: 16.214 km
  • Modes of transport:
    • Plane (4)
    • Night-bus (3)
    • Day bus (9)
    • Boat (2)


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