Mendoza to Humahuaca, Argentina

Farewell Argentina (for now)

After Chile, we were looking forward to our return to Argentina. Partly because it meant returning to cheaper living (which will continue for some time now as we work our way north), and partly because we loved Argentina so much the first time round and were excited to explore some more.

We took three more stops before reaching the border with Bolivia; Mendoza, Salta and Humahuaca.

A combination of hot weather, afternoon siestas everywhere and gradually increasing altitude mandated that we take it easy during our stays. Not that we minded – given how hectic Chile was, we were quite happy to. Besides they were perfect places for just that.

Mendoza, with its tree lined streets, abundance of relaxing cafes & bars (like a mini Buenos Aires) and of course home to Argentina’s most famous vineyards (and Malbec – Carl’s favorite red). Our favorite activity here has to have been the bike tour of said vineyards (Bodegas Trapiche – the largest winery with industrial grounds – being our favorite).  There was probably more to Mendoza than just this, but to be honest we didn’t really feel like doing too much.  Maybe that’s the best part – we didn’t have to.

(Click to enlarge pictures)

Colonial Salta (the birthplace of Argentinian independence, so we were told) with its beautifully preserved centre in the middle of a lush green valley. We loved walking the city here, as well as the relaxed ‘hike’ (more a gentle ascent) up Cerro San Bernardo finished off with an unexpected bottle of wine at the top from the cute Bike & Wine cart.  Topped off with some great evenings at local bars and restaurants (our favorite being at a local Peña with traditional folk music and dancing).

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The cute desert village of Humahuaca in a valley surrounded by beautiful mineral mountains (including El Hornocal (the 14 Color Mountains)) and with its small pedestrianized centre with evening concerts at the main square; one by a young busking band and another by a local Indigenous pipe band.  We are sure we’ll soon tire of the pipe music mind you… sounds often like Carl’s primary school recorder band (you can only take so much of it).

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Impressions of Argentina

So, following this final Argentinian experience, giving us yet again a different insight to this beautiful country, that’s it for us (for now).

It’s difficult to give a single impression of Argentina, given that we’ve seen parts across the entire length of the country. The difference in landscapes and weather has been immense. The variety in cultures also. Each giving us a different perspective and enjoyment. You could expect this for such a huge country.  Some things have remained constant however:

  1. How friendly and welcoming people have been.
  2. How well taken care of the towns and cities are.
  3. How you can be as relaxed or active as you like across this country.
  4. Essentially how you can just be however you want! No pressure or expectations.

It’s for these reasons (and we’ve not hidden this from our previous blogs) that we cannot wait to come back and spend some more (longer, quality) time in this beautiful country.

Next we head to higher ground in Bolivia.  We’ll let you know how that goes in the next edition. x



Travel stats

  • Countries visited: 4
  • Cities visited: 23
  • Distance travelled: 24.114 km
  • Modes of transport:
    • Plane (8),
    • Night-bus (5),
    • Day bus (16),
    • Boat (2)

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